About the School

St. John’s Primary School is a co-educational Public School located at Teacher’s Estate in Nakuru Sub-County. It was started in 1996. It has an ECDE Centre with two teachers and ……. children. St. John’s Primary School is in the Northern Zone of the Nakuru East Sub-County. The school has 37 teachers; 8 are male and 29 female.

The school administration comprises the Head Teacher, two Deputy Headteachers and two Senior Teachers. The Primary Section has a total of 1504 pupils; 747 boys and 757 girls from standard one to standard eight.

The school has a functional Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and Board of Management (BOM); both which manage the school on behalf of the Ministry of Education Science Technology.



Teachers in st john’s primary are 36

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Student Council/2017 Cabinet Secretaries

The following is a listing of the 2017 Cabinet Secretaries:



7 B



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